Greg Costantino for Representative
Rhode Island District 44

A New Direction for Rhode Island


We need to get our state back on track and change Rhode Island
government for the better. It begins with the legislature, one
representative at a time.

Vote Greg Costantino

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

As I’ve walked through our neighborhoods and met with many of you,
this is the commitment I have made:

• I won’t take any special interest money to finance my campaign.

 My loyalty, my obligation will be to you and you alone —the voters of

 District 44.

• I will be accountable and accessible to you, I will seek your input

 and ideas by holding a town meeting the first Monday of every month

 to discuss current legislation and how it impacts your quality of life.

 After all, this seat belongs to you.

• I will issue bi-annual reports in March and September detailing

 my activities and votes on your behalf so that you can track what I

 am doing and know that I am working for you.

• I will always honor the faith and trust you have placed in me as

 your State Representative by serving honestly and openly.

It’s a simple commitment. And all I ask of you is to give me two years
and if I don’t live up to your expectations, then vote me out.

I ask for your vote for State Representative so that we can start working
together to get Rhode Island back on the right track.



 Greg Costantino
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